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Runner for "Legendary Survivor" Empty Runner for "Legendary Survivor"

Post  Crusher Sensenmann on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:39 pm

Hiho together Smile

I want to provide my new service for legendary survivor title. This requirements are what you´ll have to bring with you, before we can start. I just can carry 1 person while this time. This title is possible for every profession. Lets do 100.000 XP in 20 minutes haha Very Happy This is what you´ll need, if you bring 0 XP with you:

- about 5 hours of time ( I´d prefer, doing it in row. You won´t be afk Wink )
-150 scrolls of rampagers insight (250g/ea = 37,5K)
- the elite ele spell "obsidian flesh" (Prophecies)
- a caster weapon that does enchantment 20% / +5e (best sword and shield with additional hp)

- I´ll get all your goldies you´ll find Twisted Evil for ident only haha Very Happy You´ll get them back, after i did Wink
- A small tip we have to talk about Smile

So don´t hesitate to date me haha Very Happy

Cheers Crusher

Crusher Sensenmann

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