Runner for Ruins of Morah, Imperial Sanctum and ATFH :)

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Runner for Ruins of Morah, Imperial Sanctum and ATFH :) Empty Runner for Ruins of Morah, Imperial Sanctum and ATFH :)

Post  Lunar Purple Star on Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:20 pm

Right, since Crusher is the only one who's using this section, might as well post what I can run Smile

Like Crusher (and Runner), I can run ATFH (A Time for Heroes) as well. So call me if both Runner and Crusher are not online.

I can run Ruins of Morah (nightfall mission). Although I still can't perfect it, sometimes fail sometimes success, so bear with me Very Happy I can finish it under 5 mins HM. I know it is 'easy' mission but you never know some people are impatient Razz. When I do this run, you follow the heroes (I will flag them) and do not aggro Varesh! Just chill, relax and watch me die, I mean, just watch! Very Happy.

Finally, Imperial Sanctum my favourite Smile This mission, I think, for some people are easy but then again impatient people exist Razz For this run, it would be great if you bring speed boost but its alright if you don't bring one. Also please skip the scene and after that, I will ping the place where you should stay and chillax! Smile

For the payment, ALL FREE! only for guildies and allies of course Wink

Hmm, I guess that's all the info, but if you have any questions, tell me!

See you there Smile

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Lunar Purple Star
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