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Post  Runner Elite Xlll on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:56 pm

Hey everyone Smile
Thought I would create this place just so that everyone can post their usual builds for their chars and heroes. I would prefer if you could keep it in a similar format to everyone else to make it easier to understand. The format will be: [player/hero/team], [What the build is used for e.g. General us, farming veats etc.],[profession], [build name (if known)] ,[template code(s)].

If you wish to post your usual team set up as well it could be helpful to those who want to try a new team Smile

Please try not have the same builds shown more than once. Seperate team from seperate builds

If you builds are used for heroes and players, there are usually slight differences so these can be repeated Smile


Hero, General, E/Mo, ether renewal prot, OgNDwcPPP1CaRARLWPqb3VSC

Hero, General, Mo/any, HB monk, OwAT043AZqBcj4u5jIuaTb6DNCA

Hero,General, Me/any, Ineptitude mesmer, OQhkAoB8AGK0LAC4KQeGJwEQGwyH

Hero, Farming, A/Mo, Vaet farm, OwNT4Y/85hHpzOgNws49AiIPAA

Hero,General, N/Rt, Xinrae healer, OAhiYwh8YtHnDzJn0MaWVvYA

Hero,General, Rit/any, ST spirit prot, OACiAyk8gNtePuw5mza6MRuA

Hero,General,Me/any, Panic Mesmer, OQhkAoC8AGKDNY6Z60ADBOwyPDA

Hero,General, Mo/Me, UA monk, OwUTMwGD1hhsRubT/LSXMDs8BA

Hero,Team, N/Rt, Discord 1 OAhjUoGYIPxsjaGbYKNncjzLGA
N/Rt, Discord 2 OAhkUsG3RFuTMzOgIGmSzJH1+iB
N/Mo Discord 3 OANEUqht9JFzoAWFgGUPEQcXtFC

Hero,General,Rt/any, healing rit, OACiEyk88MHnVvh5kLaKNvYA

Hero,General,P/any, OQCjUqmLqOC5gsFW8fhrx7Y3NA

Hero,General,N/any, JB MM, OABEQVxGeJtUpAWFgGsFqIQGYJA

Hero,General,N/any, Order support, OABCQsxElghQnwQz+SVVjYCI

current 7 hero party team: JB MM, order support nec, Xinrea healer nec, Panic mesmer, healing rit/SOS(depend on area), prot hero(Ether renewal e/mo prot or ST spirit prot),spare slot for ineptitude/other DPS

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