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Post  ribs96 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:03 pm

Hey guys and gals, I restarted up GW awhile back to get my HoM up to 30 points. Many of you know I have finally achieved that goal! So now that im done with what i want to do i want others to get to where they want to (as long as its not 51+ points, then you out of luck Razz). so on this topic tell me what you want help with (please be somewhat pacific see example below)
Ex: Hiya coolest guy in the world can you help me get vabbian armor
now i might not be able to get you all the materials i will do what i can to help as much as i can.
BAD Ex: hey ribs get me to 50 points!
PS if you have any questions just ask me in game!!



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