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Post  Shadow General Hane on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:01 am

this is how it will work there will be 2+teams all using cc weapons ONLY.your build is up you.sorry buy no caster they will have a unfair advantage seeing as they don't need the weapons to fight. there will be even teams .team size will be 1-8 and number of teams will be 2-infint based on how many come(everyones team will fight everyone team)(i will make the teams at random) this is guild only(if we are a bit short we'll ask ally)(i think if you want a friend to come they can but only one per person,your friend can come even if you don't they can not invite anyone) no time yet but date will be 1/2/12.

now your thinking prizes the wining time will git a stack or gift for each person on team!

pls write here who is come you and friend if you have one coming

see you there
date can be changed if you can't make it

this is a pvp game

if you ever need me i'm in la dis1 80% of the time and am normally here
cc show down Gw013f
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