Vaettire Farm Workshop with Dervish

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Vaettire Farm Workshop with Dervish Empty Vaettire Farm Workshop with Dervish

Post  Crusher Sensenmann on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:14 pm

Hiho everybody Very Happy

I want to offer a Vaettire Farm Workshop for new members or such one that dont know what to do with their Dervish Very Happy Yes, its possible to earn money with your derv! And its fun also btw Very Happy I personally will teach you and introduce you into the secrets of vaettire farming. And be sure....its easy, everybody can do Smile

Its like in RL, if you want to earn money, you first have to spend some.

1. You will need a max armor with 5 windwalker-insignias on it and 550 hp unbuffed.
2. You will need a req9 scythe with sundering 20/20, enchantment 20% and a 15^50 inscription.
3. You will need a req9 caster sword with +5 energy and enchantment 20%
4. You will need a req9 shield with +30 hp and +10 armor against earth damage

I got a special build, where you dont need 3 and 4, but delver and norn title up to 7 or higher and alcohole, if you prefer Very Happy

What will you get for that?:
1. the knowledge, how you kill 65 enemies on HM solo in 2:30 minutes Very Happy
2. loads of unidentified goldies like swords, shields, daggers, bows, staffs, szepters and focus
- 7 unid goldies = 5k
- good for title, if you identify them by your own
- max inscriptions and weapons upgrades ( some of them are 25k!)
- materials like iron, granite, dust and wood
3. regular mesmer tomes, dyes of any color, glacial stones (for glacial gauntlets)
4. the legendary survivor title for additional 35k and 4 hours of work.
5. a easy way to farm efficient event items like grog, slices of pumpkin cookies, hard apple ciders, etc...

If you have any questions or just want a demo, feel free to contact me Very Happy

Hope to see you soon!


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