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King Traf (Who?) Empty King Traf (Who?)

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 17, 2011 6:52 am

Hello everybody.

Im traf, im a member of HoM for about 1, 2 weeks no more (i think lol) and just now i got the courage to intoduced myself to all of you (yeah im shy tongue )
So i play guild wars since 2005 (by the end of the year) but in 2007 i decided to leave the game, but like a good son that i am 4 years later i returned home. Allot as changed for me so i feel like a noob again (never thought Shiro would go down in 1.30min nut he went (no by me hand of course lol)) but if someone need anything they can allways count on me.

Feel free to ask anything, about me, or if you dont want to...dont ask lol tongue


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