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Post  Shadow General Hane on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:09 am

geode are are good money 1=about 1.5 with this path and build you'll git an average of 10 each time so each that is about 15k not count drops. plus it take like 20-30 min.

nick farms Gw052b

think we all know those skill atts are 11in to both communing and channeling, then 8 in resto
now there is 2 group you will summon all of them as a decoy.
you will need the heal and the ruby dyinn is so you can kill the boss.

nick farms Gw051i
this is the path

pm and i'll show you want to do

if you ever need me i'm in la dis1 80% of the time and am normally here
nick farms Gw013f
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