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Post  Guest on Sun May 15, 2011 10:15 am

~ Maturity: It doesn't really matter if you're 14 or 94, it probably doesn't help your cause if you spam, make rude comments etc in game. Being a member doesn't mean "I haz power" and/or mean you can boot people for being called "I luv Katz" when you're dog lover. You need to know WHEN you can deal with a problem alone, HOW to deal with it and take other peoples views into account.

~ Games: it's probably better if you own all the campaigns and have completed, if not all, then some of them. A basic understanding of what to DO to complete them probably helps also.

~ Time: Nobody expects you to be on 24/7 but, I'm sure you can understand that, only being on twice a week for example is far from ideal. Also, under the heading of "Time", you are expected to take time out for other members. Both old players and new. Sometimes you just want to get on with, for example, maxing your Norn title out but 1: Surely this can be another time 2: Is it very often that person asks for help? and 3: It IS your responsibility, as an officer, to do so. Not saying that you drop what you're doing and rush over. Just, maybe, ask them to wait a second while you finish what you're doing and head over.

~ Effort: I think it's pretty safe to say that probably high on the list would be putting a little hard graft into the Guild. E.g Recruiting (both members and guilds when required), getting to know the members, making sure you're there or about when the guild/alliance holds a special event. It even goes as far as OUT of game. No point being an officer if you don't take part on the forums.

~ HoM XP: I know I said it above but, knowing the members of both HoM and the Alliance will go along way in helping. Maybe just taking some time out of actual gaming to sit and type/chat in AC or GC will not only help you in your dream ( Question ) of becoming an Officer but, you never know, you might make some friends.

~ Cool head: That's right, even the best of guilds have been known to have arguments. Granted it's VERY rare, but it happens and sometimes you can find yourself in the middle. This could probably have gone into the "Maturity" part I wrote but even I've met people that just can't back down in an argument no matter how mature ....... Oh wait .... That's me! Razz . But, as an officer, even though I KNOW I'm always right ( Wink ), I have still had to step back and say to myself ... "Is it worth it?" and, probably more importantly, "Me arguing with another member is NOT setting a very good example!". Talking of which...

~ Setting a good example (See what I did there? Nice link huh? Very Happy ): Ok, pretty much covered the old "Argument" case but there are other ways of setting bad examples to other players. Bad language in GC, AC and even in an outpost, telling members to go take a running jump when they ask for help, selling a member an item for FULL price or even over the asking, constant trading .... In other words, think how you would view a person in authority, not just in game, but in work, school etc and think how you would NOT expect them to act and follow suit.

I think I've written enough of a "Guide" there but it does all come down to common sense really. Also worth noting that becoming an officer does NOT mean you suddenly have the powers of the guild/alliance at your finger tips and can now go off and do what you like. Probably the complete opposite. EXPECT to have less time for yourself in game. EXPECT to have to lead guild teams. EXPECT to be asked to be responsible for something. EXPECT to be unselfish in all you do within the guild.

Being an officer IS a privilege but is also a great responsibility (With great power blah blah blah Wink )


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Post  Runner Elite Xlll on Wed Oct 05, 2011 3:04 pm

Basically what i would have written. Don't expect to stay as an officer if you have been offline for more than a week or two. I will demote unless you have a valid reason Wink Most of all, have fun in the guild and try make it a better place for our members. Help where you can and recruit if you have the time to do so Wink

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