Titles are buyable! Get big money till GW2 comes out

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Titles are buyable! Get big money till GW2 comes out Empty Titles are buyable! Get big money till GW2 comes out

Post  Crusher Sensenmann on Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:33 am

Heya together,

as many of us recognized already, destroyer mats buying and destroyer weapons selling is not working anymore due to the diamond price and the big demand ( 9K @ trader today early, wth?!), I decided to post a guide on how to bridge the time, till destroyer wep business is available again. Therefor we will farm the war supplies within

War in Kryta

250 of them will bring an oppressor weapon, that is also needed for HoM. An oppressor weapon is 15e / 100k atm, guess that also will go up short before GW2 starts. Playing through the WiK can be done with any of your chars. For successfully doing so, you will get an oppressor weapon and you´re able to farm the daily head-hunting qs, that you can get on Lions Arch Keep (You will be able to access after half done WiK). The daily qs change from 3-15 war supplies on nm / 4-20 war supplies on hm. Also collect the confessor´s oders, 3 of them will bring 1 ws. If you got 8 chars ready to do the daily head-hunting and got good qs (10-15 ws on nm), it takes 3 days to make an oppressor weapon / stack of war supplies. For the beginning I´d advice, to get the WiK completely done cause you gain more ws than doing the daily head-hunting qs.

You will need to have played through Prophecies or Eye of the North (what I´d suggest, if you haven´t done one of the both already)

Full requirement overview find here:

After all your chars have finished WiK, theres another possibility to gain a free oppressor weapon, get Keiran Thackeray as a new hero and play

Hearts of the North

Full requirement overview find here:

that additionally will bring 8 honor medals (1=25ws) and if you runned free all the required locations already, it just takes 2-3 hours of gaming.

GL with the hunt and making big money!


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